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'Saints Sayings'

  • Sold your soul for a rissole sanga

  • You can only say it when we  are 5 nil up

  • Easy meters

  • Pick up the scraps

  • That's the drill

  • Ricky's got ya keys!

  • In the mixer

  • Woo wanna woo wanna woo want a ....

  • It could get ugly

  • Same colour as your shirt!

  • That's illegal in some countries

  • Rubbish!

  • It was a great ball

  • He's been doing it all day!

  • (British accent): Is that linesman serious?!

  • It was 1-1 when he went on!

  • Let him shoot!

  • Where's your guide dog?

  • I only had 3 drinks!

  • six nil six nil siiiix niiiil!

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